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■ 問題

第5問 次の文章を読み、下の問い(問1~5)の[ 41 ]~[ 45 ]に入れる

 "Christine, come and help me in the garden. I want to plant all of the
seeds today." My father was calling to me. "I'm busy," I said. My father
loves his garden, but at that time I didn't understand why working in the
dirt excited him so much.
By the end of April, his plants had come up in neat rows, and he put
wooden stakes marked with the name of the vegetable on each row.
Unfortunately, in early May, my father was seriously injured in an
accident. He was in the hospital for about two months and during that time
he often asked me about his garden. Even after he came home, he had to
stay in bed for a while. My mother had several business trips so she
couldn't take care of the garden. I didn't want my father to worry, so
without being asked, I said that I would take care of his garden until he
recovered. I assumed that the little plants would continue to grow as long
as they had water, and luckily it rained fairly often so I didn't think
much about the garden.
One Saturday morning in July, my father said to me, "Christine, I think
that the vegetables should be about ready to be picked. Let's have a salad
today?" I took a bowl and went out to the garden. I looked at the leaf
lettuce and was upset to see that many of the leaves had been half eaten.
There were hundreds of bugs all over them! I tried to get them off, but
there were just too many. I looked at the carrots next, but they didn't
look healthy. I pulled up a carrot, but it was tiny and looked like
something had taken small bites from it.
I panicked for a moment, but then thought of a good idea. I got my wallet,
quickly went out the door, and rode my bicycle to the nearest store to buy
some vegetables. I went back home and cut them up to make a salad for my
When I gave it to him, he said, "Oh, Christine, what a beautiful salad!
I can't believe the carrots are this big already. The lettuce is so crisp
and delicious. You must be taking very good care of my garden." My father
looked happy, but I felt a little bit guilty.
I went back to the kitchen and was cleaning up when my mother came home
from her most recent business trip. She saw the bag from the supermarket.
I was embarrassed when she looked at me. So, I confessed, "Dad wanted a
salad, but the garden was a disaster. I didn't want to disappoint him so
I went to the store." She laughed but promised to make time to help me
in the garden, and we worked hard for the next few weeks. We made a mixture
of water with chopped-up fresh hot peppers and then sprayed it on the
vegetables. I thought this was a great idea because the spray is not
harmful to humans or animals, or even the bugs. They simply don't like the
spicy water. The [bug-free] vegetables grew quickly, and finally I was
able to pick some.
I carefully made a salad and took it to my father. He looked at it with
hint of a smile. "Christine, the carrots are smaller in this salad, but
they taste better." I realized that he had known all along about my
shopping trip. I smiled back at him.
Now, I better understand how putting a lot of effort into caring for
something can help you appreciate the results more, however small they may
be. Perhaps this was one of the reasons for my father's love of gardening.
In a few days he'll be back in the garden. I'll be right beside him
helping him in any way I can.

問1 Christine originally said she would do the gardening because she [ 41 ].
{1} knew it was important to her father
{2} wanted to improve her gardening skills
{3} was asked by her father to do it
{4} was interested in growing vegetables

問2 Which of the following was a problem in the garden? [ 42 ]
{1} Animals often dug in the garden.
{2} Insects ate the lettuce and carrots.
{3} The plants were given too much water.
{4} The vegetables were marked incorrectly.

問3 Christine could secretly make the salad from store-bought vegetables
because [ 43 ].
{1} her father couldn't see the garden's progress
{2} her father was in the hospital at that time
{3} her mother helped her to buy the vegetables
{4} her mother helped her to make a spray

問4 Which of the following is closest to the meaning of the underlined
word [bug-free]? [ 44 ]
{1} All bugs have been killed.
{2} Bugs can do what they like.
{3} No bugs can be found.
{4} The bugs don't cost any money.

What did Christine learn through her experience of garden? [ 45 ]
{1} Always prepare for a rainy day.
{2} Don't be disappointed by bugs.
{3} Hard work can be rewarding.
{4} Working alone produces results.

※マーク部分の□は[ ]で、マル1は{1}で表記しています。

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■ 解答・解説



問1 Christine originally said / she would do / the gardening / because
/ she [ 41 ].
Christineは元々言った / 彼女はするつもりだと / ガーデニングを / なぜなら
/ 彼女は[ 41 ].

{1} knew / it was important / to her father
知っていた / それは重要だと / 彼女の父にとって

{2} wanted to improve / her gardening skills
改善したかった / 彼女のガーデニングのスキルを

{3} was asked / by her father / to do it
頼まれた / 彼女の父によって / それをするように

{4} was interested / in growing vegetables
興味があった / 野菜を育てることに


 "Christine, / come and help me / in the garden.
Christine / 手伝いに来てくれ / 庭で

I want to plant / all of / the seeds / today."
私は植えたい / すべての / 種を / 今日



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